In the rare case that I actually get an interview it generally leads no where. I deem this particular hurdle to employment the faux interview or the no response.

In the faux interview, a position is advertised that either doesn’t exist or the organization isn’t sure it wants to fill. I’ve had three faux interviews, one with an attorney, another with a temp agency, and another with a company. All three interviews went well and then just radio silence afterwards. I usually come across these positions when they solicit me for a resume. The alleged position is never posted anywhere and apparently never filled.

The no response interview is sort of self explanatory–you go on the interview, they promise to call, and then nothing ever happens.  I’ve come to the conclusion that no one wants to give you the news so they hope you’ll just go away if they ignore you.

Perhaps I wouldn’t be so irritated if I could pinpoint the problem. My interviews usually go well and they tell me I’m a good fit for the office and that they really like me. I’ve found that being really liked usually torpedoes any chance I have at getting the job. Either they don’t really like me (which they will usually deny “No I’m being totally sincere!”) or they like me just enough to think I’m neat but not enough to actually hire me (“I’m sure you’ll find something”).

The whole no response issue makes job searching even more frustrating. You sit around waiting on pins and needles for this response that’s supposed to be coming and nothing happens. You contact the person you interviewed with once or twice, or send a thank you card, and they can’t even take the time to tell you no personally.

I’m a bit demoralized over this particular hurdle. I had an interview last week and was expecting an update by today at the latest and what do you know, no phone call. It is really difficult to keep picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after each one of these incidents.

I’d really rather just hear a no instead of waiting for a call that never comes and I’m sick of interviews that lead to nothing.