Recently my husband was interviewing a position that was listed as either an employee or independent contractor position. The recruiter for the position began explaining the tax implications of the choice and my husband said that he was familiar with the difference due to listening to me studying for my final tax exam last year. The recruiter paused and asked if I had finished school and my husband replied that I had and that I’d  passed the bar. The recruiter then asked him why he was looking for a job if I was an attorney.

Apparently it never occurred to the recruiter that you could complete law school, pass the bar, and not have a job with a salary sufficient to support at least two people.

I’m not sure where this idea comes from. It’s as if no one heard of the financial collapse when many firms stopped hiring, deferred their incoming classes of associates,  or closed altogether. Maybe people think the legal community was somehow shielded from the recession?

It’s gotten to the point that I’ve told my husband to stop mentioning that I’m an attorney, I actually worry that he might get passed over for positions if would be employers think he’s being supported by a wealthy spouse. Maybe it’s a bit paranoid but the concept that those with law degrees all have jobs with enormous salaries is pretty stubborn and apparently commonly held.

I figure if even one person sees this blog and reconsiders that position that I’ll have contributed something to the world. Maybe just one less awkward family conversation about why you haven’t found a job yet.