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Hello. I’m 25, I have a law degree, I’m a member of my state’s bar and I am unemployed–hence the pen name.

I started this blog since I’ve heard that keeping a journal can be cathartic and frankly, my job search couldn’t be any slower and I am losing any hope of ever attaining gainful employment.

The thing of it is, I graduated in May, took the bar exam in July and I’ve been looking for a full time legal job since approximately my first summer of law school. Obviously I haven’t found any such job and like many others I have a large amount of student loan debt which is until death or traumatic debilitating injury does us part. Sallie Mae doesn’t want to hear about my financial woes–they just want results.

While I would dearly love to obtain work as an attorney, I’ve been applying for jobs  in any industry willing to accept someone at the entry level, I’ve also been applying for legal assistant and paralegal positions since I actually have job experience in the legal area.

I suppose what prompted this need to share my struggle is this Craigslist as I came across a week or two ago. A self described “pass through” law firm in the suburbs was looking for someone, “a stay at home mom” they suggested, with a law degree who was looking for experience. They would pay minimum wage plus commissions from eviction proceedings.

I applied for it.  Now, I’ve got more debt than can be satisfied through a minimum wage job and it would require a decent amount of daily travel and weird hours but so desperate was I for legal experience and the opportunity to work that I applied without hesitation. I have not heard anything back.(I should also mention that I have done eviction defense in my third year legal clinic so it’s not as if I have no experience whatsoever in the firm’s practice area).

Apparently the value of my law degree is less than minimum wage.

My choices were to accept this and wallow in my misery or refuse to accept it and redouble my efforts. I thought that maybe if I was chronicling my search for a public audience, I’d put more ooph into it or maybe it wouldn’t feel so hopeless. At the very minimum, each new rejection could be turned into an anecdote for a post.

So I suppose the hook is that I’ll try to estimate the approximate value of my law degree by evaluating the employer responses (if any) I receive.

Right now, the approximate value of my law degree is less than $7 an hour (plus commission).